Saturday, November 3, 2012

Speed Painting!

Hey Ideation! Can you believe we're already in November? To celebrate finishing (or for some are very very close to finishing) midterms, we bought some Halloween candy! That aaaaand.... we like candy. So this week we had 13 members show up. For the speed painting, we were unable to find anyone to present a demo, unfortunately. In its place, we have videos that were recommended by talented students who have done speed painting.

Tanathe -- 21 minute Speed Painting
Feng Zhu Design -- 2 hour Speed Painting
Recommended by Jacob Sweet to have lots of great videos

For the workshop challenge, today's was especially unique: design a character based on someone (an Ideation member, in this case) in the room. 45 minutes. We had a lot of great turn outs, and clearly some favorites when it came to our model choices. :)

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