Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Meeting-Spring-2013-COMPLETE!!

Good News everyone!! We had a total of 19 members show up on the first meeting and we could not be more pleased with the turnout. An overview of the meeting was a brief history of the Ideation club and how it has transformed into what it is now. Then introductions of the club officers and members. This was particularly useful for we saw many of the new "visual development" major focused members and even some new ones like 3d modeling/sculpting and film design and of course Illustrators and concept artist. Which are all welcome in the club for in the Industry we will all be typically working with a broad spectrum of talented individuals on a production/project. The concept of "Ideation" was discussed because this term we have noticed is hard to get into the member's minds as one of their greatest tools to stand out in a world full of talented/creative artist. Then we proceeded with a sketch challenge.
Combine- Cuttlefish-Turkey- in a Swamp
Time limit- 45 mins

This challenge turned out great! So many individual interpretations were developed and even vastly different stories were conveyed. We remind you for companies will often have creative challenges like this to see if  you are more valuable than other artist applying for the same position, plus they are  just fun and a great way to thrust yourself out of a safe, comfort zone and into new creative adventures. Please don't forget about the Ideation club's Tumblr account. (there is a link to the right) We suggest posting your sketch challenges in their fresh 45 min forms, then if you find the time in the future, continue to work on the sketch and take it further. The process will show you what you spent the most time developing and where you can improve it. Please post the new and improved ones as well, we love to see them.
To wrap up, thank you all for coming. We feel a great and productive semester racing toward us. Please if you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, or even just want to get to know the club better. Sadly, we cannot read minds...yet :]....So CONTACT US at -

Have a great week everyone.

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