Saturday, February 23, 2013

Second Meeting -spring 2013 Complete

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick recap on this week's club meeting, for it was one we will remember for many moons to come. We started with a discussion topic on constructive and non-constructive critiques and had everyone in the club share any "horror or even successful critique stories." We learned much in how certain approaches teachers take can motivate us. By either making us frustrated or even mad, to challenge us to prove we can do better. Some even showed that a few well placed positive words can be all that is needed for someone to turn their work around. We learned as well on saying nothing is probably the worst you can do on critique for others, for it is neither positive or negative. We found many (smart) students take notes when given critiques and take said notes home and apply the suggestions they found the most beneficial to improve their work. This lecture was very useful to see how others work and how they can "FIT IN" in the professional world since most companies in any industry have multiple meetings to go over content being created for a project and critique the work as either being successful or if it should be thrown out entirely for it does not work for the project at the moment......

Then a man with a big MANSOME beard came in to share his knowledge and experience with us. Alumni "George Cwirko Godycki" and this we know was a very special quest speaker for not only did he share his experience in and out of school but far beyond it, even going so far as to see his growth from a child drawing for fun, then a student, then a professional and now professor. To see his enlightenment and philosophy towards art education as being a cyclical nature and that it goes far beyond school, and never stops. The best quote we could find to fit George was this:
  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 
 ― Confucius  

This was very true for George because he doesn't work when drawing. He is having fun which is truly the best way to progress and exceed in any endeavor. So if you see George walking around Powell, please say thank you for sharing his unique knowledge with us, We sure will :] Oh and if you missed this week's meeting and have no idea who we are talking about, here is a video link of George Cwirko Godycki drawing - Enjoy!  Please feel free to contact us for any info at Have a great productive week everyone, "May your pencils, stay sharp!"

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