Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ideation's first recreational meeting complete

Hey Everybody,

It was decided that yesterday's club meeting would be a recreational/ homework meeting. Seeing as we are in our fourth week of the semester. It was a great experience to be surrounded by other hard working students, knowing what they are working on, and asking for critiques if needed. We were happy that people were able to relax and share their inspirations by sharing art books and discussing fun topics like video games. These meeting are the most valuable to us because it's a gathering of motivated and inspired artists who are passionate about their studies.

We continued our sketch challenges with this week's theme being: "Draw your worst fear" (45 minutes)

This was a fun challenge to explore yourself and get to know more about other people. In the meeting,  quite a few people haven't really thought about their worst fears. There were many comedic and true fears that we saw many people agree with. The majority of the club did find the theme challenging because the subject required the artist to not only pin-point their fear(s), but also depict it in a way the viewer would understand within a time span of 45 minutes. It was a nice twist from our usual concept challenges, which we may bring up again in the near future.

If you find yourself free on Friday afternoons and just want to relax and meet highly motivated and (funny) neat people, stop by at 540 Powell in room 140. Next week (March 8th), we will be doing another recreational meeting to help people catch up on work and relax before mid terms hit, as well as our weekly sketch challenge! So if you have any questions, concerns, or even any sketch challenge suggestions that you would like to see, please email us at As always have a productive week everyone!

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