Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Meeting a Success!

Huzzah! The first Ideation meeting of Fall 2012 was a success! We had a total of 21 members attend, 2 new projects pitched, and an awesome time together. It started with introductory of the officers and all attending members, as well as a brief history of how Ideation came to be (and why in the world we're called such). I was relieved to find everybody had a good understanding because of our flyers.

Following after was the lecture of the day: How to Give/Receive Critiques. We discussed the ups and downs of good and bad critiques, and it seemed everyone has had a mix of the two. Highlights that were mentioned of what a great critique is (whether from experience or general knowledge) were that they not only showed what was not working, but provided example or their exclamation was more suggestive then "law". Remember everybody: Critiques are people's interpretations of what they believe you can do to better improve yourself. It's not concrete law. Even if a massive group suggested the same, it doesn't mean they're entirely true; by that same token, if a large group believes in the same critique chances are that piece in the work has potential to improve. Take their words into consideration, and if you have the time go and investigate the possibilities of what you could have done to make your work more effective.

Funny enough, I think our "Tip of the Week" follows very well with this:
A lot of times people might ask for advice and when they are told the answer, their reaction is "Oh I know that already." Believing in something isn't the same as acting upon what you believe in. Successful people DO the things they know they should do whether they like it or not.
-- Bobby Chiu (Illustrator: Concept Artist)
Inside Workshop Challenge: A Girl and Her Cat (time span: 15 minutes)
Outside Workshop Challenge: Traveler, Companion, and Hidden Weapon Disguised as an Everyday Object

We're slowly working on a page for club members to share/post their work whether from classes, independent time, or from the concept workshops we hold. If you have any work from the workshops you'd like to share, e-mail us at

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