Friday, October 5, 2012

Client Etiquette, Field Trip, and Awkwardness

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So today was a fun day with 14 members as Jimenna lead us in discussion on client etiquette. This is a biggy for everyone to take notes on; back in the first meeting we had clients come in to pitch projects/job opportunities to us, and had members either ignore the clients and/or talk over them. It's highly disrespectful to not just the clients, but us as officers because we're spending our time to get these projects to you. Even if you're not interested in the least of the projects, please give the clients your attention and respect. First impressions can make or break opportunities for the future.

Here's the papers given in today's meeting:
The Etiquette of Business and Clientele Etiquette and Fun Facts on Clientele Etiquette

Since today's discussion/lecture was relatively short, we went on a little field trip to Bradley Hall for Bill Sanchez's clothed figure drawing workshop. We recognize many events happen at the same time as Ideation and it can be troublesome to choose, so we're working on bringing like-interests together so your time is well spent.

As for the concept workshop today, the theme was "Girl in an Awkward Situation" and time was 30 minutes. There were lots of great submissions today; all of which were very unique. However, it was evident that this topic was relatively difficult so our week challenge until we all meet again is to refine the idea you thought up in the workshop today!

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