Friday, October 5, 2012

Erik Tiemens

Hey Ideation! Sorry this took me a while to put together, but better late than never. Last week, I attended the gouache/watercolor demo with Erik Tiemens. It was an amazing experience and I'll try my best to summarize.

For those who do not know, Erik Tiemens is a very accomplished illustrator is recognized internationally as a painter of fine landscapes. At the beginning of the event, Tiemens showed us examples of his work and discussed the process as well as techniques he would use to execute them. Some things he mentioned were to make sure to sketch and paint from life everyday, despite how the weather may be. In one example, he shared he had to paint from within his car. As for concept designs, when he works on larger, more concept related works, he would start with thumbs (like many of us). The thumbs varied in size, with the smallest being approx. the size of his thumbnail, and the largest about the size of his palm. Values are important; so for the thumb size thumbnails, he would sometimes do them on post-its because it's toned paper. The final execution would be done in watercolor, gouache, digital, or a mixture of those.

In the demo, he blocked out the general shape of what he wanted, and did a wash over the paper. From there, he would add layer over layer with values, and continue to build off his work. For highlights or certain textures, he would add/mix in a white gouache. You can view Tiemen's demo work at 540 Powell, and I believe it's on the staircase between the 1st and 2nd floor. Below are some of the photos I took (iPhone quality).

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