Monday, October 15, 2012

Freelancing: Pricing

Hey Ideation! Sorry this one took longer than expected to post up. We're crunching down on midterms, so please bear with us.

So this week we had a surprise gift-bag giveaway (generously donated by AAU's very own Dax Santi of the Illustration Department). Everyone who attended the meeting (14 total, including myself and Alejandro - treasurer) had their name placed in a bag. Dax had the honor of drawing the names, and the winners were Alejandro (left) and Fan (right). From my knowledge, they got a coffee mug, a 8"x10" Moleskin, 8GB flashdrive, etc. Congrats you two!!!


Below in blue is the pamphlet we handed to everyone at last week's meeting.

Finance & Rates

The starting wage for concept artists in studios/companies is approx. $20 per hour. Starting freelance concept artists/illustrators should charge double of what concept artists earn in a company. Artists in studios are well taken care of with benefits. Freelance artists need to do and pay their own taxes and get their own health insurance.

Day Rate - estimate how many days it will take you to complete
Hourly Rate - estimate how many hours it will take (ON YOUR OWN) and charge at that rate.
Page Rate - charge by page.

Copyright Rates
Price determined by:
- specific rights usage
- first production rights
- limited time
- all rights or work hire

Cancellation Rates/Fees
If the client cancels the project, charge them.
Complete Project - charge full price.
Incomplete Project - charge percentage of completion.

Do-Overs Fees
If your client wants you to fix the final illustration more than 1-3 times, then charge them extra for spending more time on it.
Also consider who your client is for rates. You know big studio companies have money compared to someone who wants fan art. Don't work for free after you graduate. You have bills to pay.

Working for free during school (for thesis or personal projects)
- Add to Resume/Portfolio
- Real experience: make mistakes now than later
- Get recommended for more jobs (possibly for paid jobs)

- Not worth the time/effort
- Client might not credit you (make sure you're credited!!)
- No money

Get the "Handbook Pricing & Ethical Guidelines"

If you want to take a class to properly learn more, ask your adviser for Cameron Wasson who teaches a financing class. 

Concept Workshop Challenge: A bus driver's night job with environment (45 minutes)


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