Friday, October 19, 2012


Today's meeting, we had a total of 21 members! So as our final meeting for the requested "freelance series", we talked about networking. Lots of great discussions were brought up such as online communities, what to do to gain more attention/the kind of attention you want, etc. For the online communities, we actually have a page centered all around that called Community Links. You can find that in the menu above: it's the 6th tab in between Resources and Upcoming Events.

One interesting question that was brought up was whether it's okay to ask someone to look over your portfolio. Yes, but under certain circumstances. It's better to approach it as a question such as "Do you have a minute to look over my portfolio?" or even suggest sending it to that person via e-mail so they may view it in their own time. It is not a good idea to ask them if they are not at their current workplace, such as eating dinner at a restaurant. This could potentially backfire on you and give you the bad rep of "the artist who will interrupt your dinner plans".

Below is the handout (modified) that was handed out in today's meeting.

Concept Challenge Workshop: 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge (time limit: 45 minutes)

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