Saturday, March 30, 2013

GDC drought, internal spring break

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to recap the last club meeting's events. First it was a small group of members who attended, mostly people were attending the Game Developer's Conference going on in San Francisco, hope you all enjoyed yourselves and learned much! So for all of you who were unable to make it to the club this week here is the run down. First we had a mini lecture on how artist even come up with new designs for anything visual, and the process from the initial spark/idea, to create a well resolved art piece. After that we spent a good amount of time on the character design challenge.

Create a new Skylander toy/playable character- time limit- 1:20 mins
Here is a link to all the skylanders at the moment.

We had some great ideas created for some new characters. The beauty of the Skylander toys is that they are not just toys, but actually the playable character that is truly the players own character in growth and customization. So no longer are your toys just toys, but useable, valuable items for multiple purposes. I even use my prism break skylander as a night light back home.
Watch the two videos please- Prism Break Lightcore trailer
                                                Prism Break Lightcore un-boxing (fast forward to 1:20)

We noticed how students are starting to drag down from the knowledge of no spring break. So to us we say,"Pfft, I do what I need, to keep going strong" Please try and relax and gather yourselves for the final onslaught for the later half of our semester. We might not have a real spring break, but that does not mean you should not take a break for yourselves. So work on personal artwork for a bit or play some games, watch a movie. Make a trip or plan an activity with friends, family, or even just sleep in a little extra this weekend. School might be the most important function in our lives at the moment, but do not let it break you. Always remember you are in school to have "FUN" not to be run down or beaten. Keep up the good fight everyone!

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