Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ideation's Opportunities Bombardment!!

Hey Everyone,

This week's club meeting was pretty intense considering all of the events that overlapped and even ran over our club's schedule slot. Hope everyone's Friday was well spent at your event of choosing. A recap on the club this week was mostly spent doing homework and relaxing with fellow students, sharing ideas, critiquing each others work, and, of course, much needed laughter. Other than that, it was two hours well spent. So for this update we have a few links for everyone. Scholarship and Illustration contests, opportunities to get network, and some great videos to keep us all going.

Netter Illustration contest- Prize $5000
Richard Solomon Illustration Opportunity "Break Through"- paid trip to New York City
Stephen Silver- Protect your art career part 01
Stephen Silver- Protect your art career part 02
Stephen Silver- Why you should get paid
AAU - Z brush Class Petition by Mina Roy
The Lamp Post Guild- Illustration class from Justin Gerard (Awesome class for people with hectic schedules. Please watch the trailer.) (great site for fast, easy art knowledge)

On Friday, March 22nd, vice president Jacob Sweet will be hosting a sketchbook lecture discussing techniques used by professionals as well as how to be prepared for on-site studies. Sketchbooks will also be compared and shared, so please bring yours! Have another great productive week, everyone!

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