Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

Dear Ideation,

It's been four great semesters of running the Ideation Club as president. There's been such a dramatic growth since the establishment of the club in Spring 2011, transferring from Concept Art Club to Ideation Club. What originally started as a small get-together of highly talented, motivated 3-5th year students wanting to trade ideas and information off each other (as well as a few inspired freshmen such as myself and treasurer Alejandro) transformed into what now feels like a mini "Massive Black". We have guest speakers, volunteer/job opportunities, lectures/discussions, a concept art challenge/workshop, a website, gmail, Tumblr, over 325 members, soon a club field trip and tour of major museums and industries with courtesy discounts and transportation provided by the Academy of Art University, and in the near future another great surprise which I can only hope to complete before the end of my term. That's a tremendous change and I couldn't be more proud with the direction the club is going.

With that said, it's evident I cannot be president forever. The club will have to go through new management if it is to continue thriving after my time here at the academy.  At our next meeting I will invite members to run for office.  Interested members will be directly involved in officer meetings, will plan events (both present and future), and become actively engaged in all of the duties of president.  They will be mentored by me and serve as "president-in-training."  My hope is that by May interested members will have a better understanding of what my position entitles, can make a more informed decision of whether to run for the position (or any other position) and will be better prepared for Fall 2013.   In addition to ensuring the incoming officers do not  feel lost, insecure, or overwhelmed, this month-long period of "in-training" will permit the club membership to meet those interested in office and cast their vote based on proven performance and not simply campaign promises.

Next month (April) I will step down, but continue as President Emeritus through the end of the semester, available to assist the "presidents-in-training".  Thereafter I intend to participate in the club as a regular member so I may dedicate more time into my studies. I also wish to view the club in a new perspective, and will contribute suggestions and ideas to the new officer(s) when convenient. 

Thank you for the experience and memories; and for standing by me as I pass the torch onto the new line of Ideation leaders.

With sincerest regards,
Mina Roy
President of Ideation Club

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