Friday, April 26, 2013

Brandon Pike - Guest Speaker-spring 2013

Hey Everybody!
Today we had guest speaker Brandon Pike with us for an awesome lecture covering his experiences from graduating the academy in Spring 2011 to working as senior concept artist at Zynga. It was quite the pleasure to listen to a professional and alum who not long ago was in the same position as us. He empathized that in his last semester, he struggled and feared his career as many of us are.

"I know things are bleak now in the industry, but it doesn't mean there aren't opportunities." - Brandon Pike

Reassuring words from a great artist. Brandon shared some useful information and tips which hopefully you will all put to good use.

Good Websites to distribute your art- Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook... "Whatever works for you" - Brandon Pike.

Worthwhile Conventions/Expos- Creative Talent Network (CTN), Alternative Press Expo (APE), and WonderCon.

Actions to tackle while still in school- Learn to collaborate with others, truly learn how to accept and or (with reason) ignore certain feedback.

If you wish to know more about Brandon, you can check out his work or contact him:
Facebook: The Art of Brandon Pike
Tumblr: The Art of Brandon Pike

Perhaps the greatest advice Brandon shared with us tonight was to always find opportunities to learn. Even though you might get a boring project as your first job, take it and learn from it. These projects could provide a new lesson you may not have experienced, and it adds another tool under your belt as an artist. Hope all of you are still hanging in there and tackling your finals. Don't forget the Spring Show 2013 submissions are due TONIGHT so get those in fast! Also, Ideation's last meeting will be May 10th. Come and hang with us one last time before the semester ends! Lastly, listed below is Brandon Pike's information if you wish to check out his work or contact him. Enjoy your weekend!

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