Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall 2013- 1st Club Meeting Complete

Hey Ideation!

The first meeting went well, we knocked off a lot of creative rust, and even got to breaking the new members into the club SUPER fast! Myself and my officers are so excited there is still a desire for us to continue on with our love for a productive community for visual ideas. This club will be a great break for us all to escape too, and have indulgent productive fun. Hope to continue seeing new an old faces in the coming weeks. Please remember that this club is entirely for your benefit and needs. Also know our community relies on each of us, not just myself and my officers. So that being said, we are all contributors too our sanctuary so speak out if you want/need something. :]

Any questions, suggestions, concerns, request, complaints, funny videos, cute kitties popping out of socks....Send them our way at

Enjoy your weekend!


James Gurney

Gnomon workshop

Muddy Colors


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